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empowering nature through NFTs

unique & diligently crafted NFTs illustrating the different angles of nature and humanity

Empowering nature through tokens

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We are leveraging crypto space to protect forests through unique and diligently crafted NFTs and forest-backed Carbon Capture Fund tokens that represent actual forest ownership and potentially carbon capture revenues.

ART by
Community engagement project that crafts unique NFTs to raise funds for different causes around the sustainability efforts – all of which are shared transparently with you. Each art piece is diligently designed and captures a significant aspect of nature and humanity. leverages the crypto space to enable collaborative forest protection and ownership. We are developing a blockchain-powered community funding platform for forest acquisition, decentralization, tokenization & carbon capture. token
We decentralize fund’s owned forests into thousands of fractions and connect each of them to a CCF token - a forest-backed asset representing your stake in forest ownership and potential revenues from the CO2 capture.

NFT Collections

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The first 100 sign-ups will receive Gen Sapiens NFT on November 30, 2021
Each Gen Sapiens holder will receive one Carbon Capture Fund (CCF) forest-backed token once the platform is launched
$$$ from Gen Sapiens will be directed into the further development - a platform for forest acquisition, decentralization, tokenization and carbon capture
The NFTs will be minted on the Cardano blockchain


Mission: Life On Earth

Our Team

Big Change Starts Small
Viktorija Martinsone

Viktorija Martinsone


Ivo Martinsons

Ivo Martinsons



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You can buy our NFT’s on the marketplace and by filing out a form.

As with all tokens prices move from time to time and ar controled by trading volume.

Our platform will is not keeping any of the files they are written on to the blockchain and can be obtained with a valid key.

A blockchain is a chain of blocks that are enrypted.